Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bloggy Button Code

My gosh, you have all forced me to become a coding genius (NOT!)... Link away!

Gift of Green's Clothesline Challenge

[a href="http://giftofgreen.blogspot.com/2008/04/gift-of-greens-clothesline-challenge.html"][img src="http://bp1.blogger.com/_t3-jZFXowvk/SB-yVWh_LPI/AAAAAAAAAQ8/tfDHRP0Ulb8/s200/230x119.jpg" alt="Gift of Green's Clothesline Challenge"][/a]

(Replace these [ ] with these < > to make the button appear.)


jenmaree said...

Love the clothes line challenge! My husband and I were just talking about that a few weekends ago to put in a clothesline somehow. I live in Colorado and have many many sunny days, so this would be something we can do. I use cloth diapers and have moved to air drying them instead of the dryer, so that is our small move at this point. Will have to invest in a clothes line!!

Anonymous said...


Gift of Green said...

Jenmaree - Sounds like you're already at the Intermediate level with all those diapers you're drying!