Thursday, May 29, 2008

I've Been Meme'd

Mary Beth over at SaltandChocolate has tagged me for a quirky meme. No, really, it's a meme where I tell you six quirky things about myself. Actually, they are supposed to be six unspectacular quirks - as opposed to all my spectacular quirks - so here goes:
  • I cannot do anything in my kitchen, including make coffee, until the dishes are done and the sink is clean. Sometimes I go without coffee.
  • I am a Johnny and June Carter Cash fan. This is why Sprout and Pip can both sing the words to "Jackson".
  • I Heart New York Magazine.
  • According to my husband, I parent and converse in rooms where the people I am conversing to or parenting are not.
  • I quite frequently lose checks. Unfortunately, they are incoming checks - not outgoing ones.
  • I am an only child. 'Nuf said.
There are six Wanna Greenies (or not) who must get their quirks on (their blogs). Consider yourself tagged: Jennifer at Big Binder, Ames at Yay! Pie!, Dayna at Speaking, Susie at SusieJ, and Crystal at My Longest Year.


Green Teen said...

I love your blog...and added you to my links! I'm just starting out on being green and blogging so wish me luck.


Jen@BigBinder said...

You contine to grow more and more interesting :)

Look out, Jackson Town! I'll do this on my blog later this week.

Mary Beth said...

Very cute quirks, Amy. I like the idea of you cleaning the kitchen pre-coffee whilst parenting from another room.

ames said...

wooHOO! I've been tagged! :D

And I am very unlike you about the kitchen, I prefer to run and hide from the dishes clutching my coffee...though I totally *wish* I was more like you :)

susiej said...

I see I've been tagged... this will take me awhile, just so you know... Only child -- that must have been GREAT!

Can you do my kitchen too, before you have your coffee?