Thursday, March 27, 2008

What Do You Allow Your Kids to Waste?

We shut off lights to make sure we don't waste electricity, we don't let the water run while we brush our teeth, and we start driving our car immediately so that we don't waste gas by letting it "warm up".

But do I "allow" some waste in our house. When it comes to the kids, you bet I do.

Here are some wasteful practices in the Wanna-Greenie household:

If my son wants to do a "project" that involves him using an entire roll of Scotch tape, I let him. He's not just pulling all off the roll for fun; in his mind he is creating something and goshdarnit, you should see some of the stuff he has taped together.

My kids enjoy water play - this means that on occasion I will fill up the kitchen sink to the brim. Sometimes twice.

I really don't consider any uneaten food "waste" per se. We compost most everything we (don't) eat. In addition, if my son "wastes" an orange during his attempts to make fresh-squeezed orange juice or if my daughter likes shelling beans instead of eating them, so be it.

How do you "allow" your children to waste resources?


susiej said...

I eat all the uneaten food! No waste there. Overnights That is our HUGE waste... makes me sad. It's either that, or I do lots of laundry and waste lots of water.

Joyce said...

Mine are big now-the baby is a senior in college. she goes to the university here in our town but lives on campus. She comes home about every two weeks to do a marathon laundry job, and, since she's in a hurry, she uses the dryer. It wastes electricity, but we get to spend an afternoon with her. She's graduating and moving away, and I know we're really going to miss her, so, what the heck, let use the dryer! Next year my electric bills will be lower, but boy, will the nest feel empty.

Jenny said...

That's so funny about the tape.

Elisabeth said...

What exactly is your clothesline challenge?

Carrie said...

I let my teenage daughter take long baths which are followed by long showers. I hate the wasted water but love the peace and quiet. I try to conserve in other ways.

Mary Beth said...

Water for sink play. Like you said, their little minds are connecting synapses. Good stuff.