Saturday, March 8, 2008

Summer Garden 2008, Redux

Three things today...

First of all...was it just me or was Google down today? Don't *ever* do that to me again, Google. You're scaring me.

Second, I have the Accidental Guest Blogger today: Green Nana. Today's post is "ripped from the headlines", er, I mean, her email. Take it away, Green Nana (who, by the way, lives in plant hardiness zone 5a, I believe)! [Warning - see the kind of coded messages from her I have to decipher on a daily basis?!]

re: blog....i also got the planting season bug....but jumped the gun
up here in cold ma. did buy lettuce seeds, but the "seed starting soil" bags are not yet at home depot or lex. gardens! i did take some
cutting to see what was wrong with my bushes......needs fertilizer was
the answer! trying to find coast of me." organic soil bags i will not buy
"scotts" here is a seedling tip......use the paper egg cartons to start seedlings and then you can just plant the whole thing when the plants get big enough because the
cardboard will just disintegrate into the soil:) hugs, mom

Thanks, Green Nana: the "original" Gift of Green!

And finally, as Green Nana reminded me, it is almost time...get ready...for Clothesline 2008! Woohooo! I am thinking of some type of clothesline challenge this summer for my bloggy friends - which brings me to this: is there anyone out there who will design a Clothesline 2008 bloggy button for me? I have nothing to offer in return except credit and a link back atcha.


Carrie said...

I think I'm in a 5b and will move to a 7a but my geography is not good. I'd have to have a map with exact location names to know for sure. I'm not much of a gardener. More of a garden admirer. Posted update on Rainer.

Jen@BigBinder said...

Although I can't help you at all with your banner, I am totally down with your clothesline challenge!! It seems that talk of clotheslines is part of every discussion I have these days. It's weird. That, and kefir. Clothslines and kefir, they're out to get me.