Saturday, March 22, 2008

Green Updates on the Fly

Love the efforts of Work From Home Moms (WFHMs) who have lovely items displayed in their home grown (with love) shops. Jillian emailed me to let me know about hers at Paxbaby.

Her Bad Mother asks "Are Eco-Moms the new soccer moms - and does it matter?" on Blogher.

Woman's Day suggests 10 green ways to lose weight.

Green Bean extolls the power of line drying!

My bloggy friend Joan from across the pond writes:

When it's wet or snowy here in Europe, most people use an indoor clothes airer. This is what we use at the moment and a clothesline when it's warmer out.

We used to have one of these
ceiling airers (usually called "dolly maids") and these are my favourite. Most are large enough to hold a large load of laundry.

Looks like several people are already good to go for Gift of Green's Clothesline Challenge 2008!

Report from New Zealand: Bloggy Friend Mary reports from a recent trip to New Zealand that it is a very eco-friendly country. "The cars are smaller, every toilet has a low flush option, every electrical outlet has its own on/off switch so that you can turn off the flow when you're not using the applicance....Oh, and you can't find foods containing high fructose corn syrup if your life depended on it; it just doesn't exist there in foods." As Mary says, Woot!


The Not Quite Crunchy Parent said...

Indoor clotheslines are great.

Outdoor ones present a challenge for we, Homeowners Association governed/tiny backyard/smog filled air Californians.

intergalacticrose said...

I must live under a rock, because I've never heard the term eco-mom. Yes, I think it is becoming "trendy" but I think it is a trend that will stick because time is running out and we don't have a choice anymore. Some folks ( know, hippies) have been Earth inclined for some time now, but now awareness is reaching the masses...which in my opinion, is a good "too little, too late"...every step towards a greener life is a good one.

What we should really be on the look out for, is companies that are "green washing," making their products "look green" to appeal to the green consumer, when in fact, they are far from green.

I'm far from a green goddess, but as a family, we try. And once you really begin to understand how much of an impact we have on the planet, steps to become greener and greener become second nature.

My 2 cents on that.... : )

Jen@BigBinder said...

I like the Indoor Clothes Airer. Well, I have one, but somehow calling it a Clothes Airer makes it sound fancy and now I want to use it.

Stacey@Look, Mom, Look! said...

Are the pipes that run across my basement ceiling considered to be one of these fancy jobbies? That's what I use :) I do hope to set up an official clothesline this summer. This has saved us a bunch on energy bills!