Thursday, January 24, 2008

Whole Food Purges the Plastic

Am I always the last to know?

I just came across this tidbit on our NBC affiliate website about the Whole Food phase-out of plastic bags (on, when else, Earth Day 2008).

Considering Whole Foods has seemingly led the way on provide inexpensive reusable bags with seasonal graphics, this shouldn't be to hard for their customers to adjust.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe I'm still not using recyclable totes for my groceries. I always forget them, and wish I didn't. Hopefully, this will change things for me.

Katy said...

Good for them! Those attractive reusable bags are great, and they've become ubiquitous here in Cambridge MA along with the Trader Joes bags. And they're so inexpensive! I remember when the only reusable option were the string bags that sold for $6.

Mama said...

I love my reuseable bags at the grocery store. I feel so empowered to be making a solid difference. If I forget them, I have 2 totes in the back of my van at all times, and I tell the bagger to just put the groceries "naked" in my cart. It's great!
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Mary Beth said...

I'm addicted to my Envirosax because they roll up so small and I always have them in my purse. But I took them out of my bag for the San Diego trip--big mistake, because I haven't put them back in yet and plastic bags have been used. I love "mama's" idea to keep a couple cloth bags in the van and just have the grocer skip the plastic bags altogether, even when bags are forgotten.

Anonymous said...

I love using my totes! I have an ec0 bag that I won from LA Green Girl. It goes everywhere with me. I am more than happy to purge the plastic! I hate those darn bags. I see from your profile that you have a love affair with ziploc bags. We have tackled this issue in a few ways. Check out