Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Green Hindsight Is 20/20/Would, Coulda, Shoulda/Etc.

Since I began this journey towards greeness, I have learned so much from my readers and from my readees. In retrospect, there are a number of things I would have done differently had I known what I know now. Here are a few green/eco-friendly/natural wouldas:

1) I would have used cloth diapers. Not 100% of the time, but perhaps while I was on maternity leave or when were were just hanging around the house.

2) I definitely would not have used plastic bottle liners.

3) I still would have vaccinated my children, but I would have spaced them out a bit more (the vaccines, not my children).

4) I would have been less nervous about breastfeeding. What I feel is lacking most in terms of breastfeeding education is that breastfeeding is not a science. Some people need to breastfeed more, some less, some "ten minutes per breast and again every two hours", some good luck getting anything else done. It wasn't until my good friend Elisabeth told me that breastfeeding is more like "breastfeed for 40 minutes, have a slice of pie, start breastfeeding again", that I realized you pretty much do what it takes and forget all the advice books.

5) I would have worn my babies more rather than used the infant carseat/snap and go for every little thing.

What are some of your woulda/shoulda/couldas? And remember, don't beat yourself up over them. We do the best we can.


Mary Beth said...

My most successful nursing experience was with my first baby when I knew the least. After that I was so obsessed with getting the proper latch--it stressed me out and was so counter productive. Thank goodness they all ended up getting tons of milk anyway.

SusieJ said...

I do this all the time... and it's pointless. My Mom was always great at pointing things out to me that I often overlooked - things that showed I was right all the time anyways, all along. You probably are too. SusieJ

elisabeth said...

Knowing what I know now, and how much milk I produced, I would have definately donated my excess breastmilk. I did look into it in Newton, MA and it was a very difficult process -- so I didn't.

elisabeth said...

Also, I am a big believer in not worrying about the mess in the kitchen, piles of laundry, or unraked leaves -- enjoy the moment and the youngness of your children. The mess, laundry, and backyard will still be there when your mothering schedule gets smoother. I wish I could convince more new moms of this.

Jody said...

Oh my, there are so many things I've learned over time (and so many things I still have to learn ... teenagers are a breed of their own). I've implemented changes as I see fit and learned as I've gone along. I can't think of anything I'd go back and change that wasn't put into play for the later kids ... and no, no regrets (a lot of what I call "duh" moments ... where I wonder why I didn't figure something obvious and brilliant out sooner, but no regrets).

Oh wait ... I thought of something ... I wish I had a clothesline, we can't because of our dang neighborhood association but it kills me to think of the $ and energy I could be saving.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you about the rocket-science breastfeeding advice! My family practice doc kept stressing "ten minutes per side every 3-4 hours". Thank goodness I had support and advice from other sources. My baby definitely didn't follow that schedule.
One thing I wish I had done sooner was buy a Diva Cup ( or similar product. What a way to save money and be green at the same time.

Gift of Green said...

Yes, MOO (mothers of olders) Mary Beth and Jody - please impart your hindsight wisdom to me so I can prepare for teenage-dom. Rowdy, you're scaring me with the Diva Cups... I mean, I'm all for them, God bless ya, but how would they work in say an office environment? Do tell...inquiring minds want to know!

Petite Planet said...

I love this post! As a new mom, it's so good to hear I am on track. I wear my baby constantly (maybe too much!) and we have decided to space out and postpone some vaccines. It's so great of you to share your hindsight so that others may learn from your experience. Thank you!