Saturday, July 24, 2010

No More Beef

I am not a vegetarian by any stretch of the imagination, but as of May I have given up eating beef.  It was this photograph in the New York Times and the accompanying article on mobile slaughterhouses that finally did it for me.  Believe me, it was a purely personal decision and not one that I would press on to anyone else.  After all, I still eat chicken, pork and fish...and, as others would say, eggs and dairy. 

This is the first food I have ever given up and it has been very easy, I must say.  Is there a food that you have given up (anything from sugar to eggs) and what brought you to that point?


Kaci said...

Wellllll....I'm a veg so I gave up all meat. It was a tough descion but a great one. What brought me to the descion was just that I didn't feel good after eating it. It wasn't morally at first it was just physically. Felt a weight in my stomach, tired, etc.

Anonymous said...

EC Wrote: Am I that emotional-less? I saw the photo and read the article and did not have any aversion to it -- okay, maybe Bill & Bill, Jr. shouldn't have smiled so big for the camera as the pretty cow is walking to its death, but this didn't move me to give up red meat. Tell your hubby to come to our house for some t-bones, roasts, tenderloins or ribs when he needs a fix. Beef. It's what for dinner chez moi.