Friday, July 23, 2010

Clothesline Challege a la Carte

For those of you who have patiently followed me through my dry and prolific spells, you will know that I hosted a Clothesline Challenge two years in a row.  Thanks to some nifty assistance from Joanie and Dayna, we had some bloggy buttons and a couple of give-aways, and a lot, it seems, of participants!

But last year I was a bit lax, and not wanted to disappoint, I decided not to host the Clothesline Challenge this summer.  And wouldn't you know, we've had a string of weeks, yes, weeks! of sunny, humid weather in the upper 90s.  Perfect for the clothesline (well, maybe not the humid part).  So, I ask, have you been clotheslining it this summer?

On a side note, we spend the better part of the morning in an air-conditioned mall where we were treated to the site of Mia Hamm and her husband, no doubt keeping cool as they shopped with their daughters.  Thanks to Green Husband for spotting this very all senses of the

And from the Where Have I Been? department, Big Binder has moved, MOVED! I tell you.  She can now be found here and has a nice post up on greening your laundry (Well,  she mentions me in her most recent post but I swear I did not know this before I linked to her new blog.  We have some sort of psychic bond going back to our love of all things Carter Cash.)


Aliceson said...

I miss the Clothesline Challenge this year but I totally understand not wanting the commitment. And YES, I have been hanging most of my laundry out on the line. Except, the weather lately has not been ideal for drying clothes... oh well.

Jen @ BigBinder said...

That is just -- creepy. In a good way. And also ironical (I know; just kidding) because I am trying this new, like, green stuff.