Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cape Cod Challenge

For almost ten years now we have lived in a modest Cape Cod style home from the 1950s.  We were fortunate that the house was "move in ready" and aside from a coat of paint or two, we could begin living in our home right away.  Now, ten years later, the house is beginning to show wear and tear.  Even though our budget is next to nothing, the time has come to start both preventative maintenance and some minor renovations to keep our house looking up to snuff.

Do any of you live in a 1950s style Cape Cod house?  If you do, you know the challenges.  The front door opens right onto the living room.  Our tiny kitchenette features a small table for four as there is no dining room. 

I'm trying to find some inspiration for designing small spaces from places like Apartment Therapy and  Loving Living Small.  I'll be posting pictures soon and perhaps you could weigh in on a new color scheme for our living/dining/watching-tv-room.

Do you have any ideas for small spaces or small places?

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hausfrau in melbourne said...

I have no ideas. Sorry. Our house is also tiny, bursting at the seams in fact. We are planning to renovate next year, but the thought of having to be out of our house for months on end is somewhat daunting. I almost can't bear to think of having to pack up and move furniture etc. At the moment we have stuff squirreled away everywhere, even in the ceiling!