Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Power to De-Sour?

Wendy asked, "Waaah, I want to participate, but we have a humidity problem I don't know how to deal with. Sometimes I hang the clothes out and instead of drying, they SOUR!! Does anyone have that problem?? I assume it's the humidity, but I have no idea!"

I did not know the answer, so I promised her I'd ask the masses: YOU! :)

On a related note, please check back under comments if you leave me a note. I read all of your messages (thank you, thank you!) but sometimes Blogger does not allow me to reply directly to you.

As for summer reading, run, do not walk, to your nearest bookstore or library and read the beautifully sweet, funny, and all around peach pie delectable "The Seven Wonders of Sassafras Springs" by Betty Birney. I'm only half-way done and it's my favorite book yet. See what happens when you listen to third graders? You can find some marvelous books that way!


joanie said...

Not too sure. The only time that's happened to me is when I left the laundry in the machine too long before hanging it out. In humid climates washed clothing needs to hang quickly. I can't leave mine n the washer overnight during the summer or it smells sour in the morning, it's just too humid here.
That's my best guess.

Nick said...

Sour? I'm guessing you mean they get a weird odor. We've never had that happen. I suggest first eliminating the fabric softner. If they still smell funky then try using one of the "Free and Clear" type detergents.

Is your outside drying space heavily shaded? Usually UV from the sun and fresh air are great odor killers.

Does it happen if you hang them indoors? I use this wooden drying rack that has found a great spot right under my ceiling fan. The air movement keeps the clothes from getting crunchy.