Monday, July 6, 2009


This was my first full day as a 39 year old and goshdarnit it wasn't that bad. I do feel like I am suffering from a few aches and pains; I guess it is time to kick that exercise regime into full gear, er, I mean, kick start it period.

Any suggestions from you young whippersnappers?


Aliceson said...

My only suggestion to get yourself to exercise is to splurge and buy some new workout clothes. You'd feel pretty silly wearing your new clothes and not exercise in them.

Does hanging laundry out on the line count as exercise?

Anyhow, Happy Birthday!

Kaci said...

I agree get some cute clothes and new shoes!! WOO HOO WORK IT GIRL!

joanie said...

Happy birthday you gorgeous gal - I hope your family has spoiled you rotten!
I'm not exactly a whippersnapper, as I'm a couple years older (okay a few is more accurate, but not more than a few.) Good suggestions already. I find walking nice and easy. I sometimes take along an ipod and download podcasts from my favourite radio programs but normally I just soak up nature. If it's too slow with young ones tagging along pull them in a wagon, when you get tired, they can push you all the way home :)

Mary Beth said...

Happy birthday Amy!!

Anonymous said...

I've got nothin'. Happy belated birthday.