Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wise Summer Spending on Safe 'Cessities

Even though I went to the park today in a down jacket and scarf, I know that summer is just around the corner.

Time to stock up - but I'm on a budget. So, for summer should the kids get Sigg or Kleen Kanteen?

For sunscreen Blue Lizard or California Baby?

And what is the most cost effective way of buying any or all of these products? Mail order? Local WF?


Jen @ Rolling Through Looneyville said...

I'm a big fan of blue lizard. to me, the california baby stuff smells a bit weird. as for water bottles... check out zrecs bpa free guide (id link if I were home) for some reviews of those and others you might like. I like my sigg, but they get dented so easily. my older daughter has a thermos stainless steel foogo straw cup that I like a lot too. and it's been sturdy so far.

Maxine from Texas said...

My son has a Sigg, I like it a lot. It's easy for him to open and he got a monkey bottle holder that he can wear like Diego :) That helps with the dents.
I just bought a Green Bottle and I don't recommend that one at all. The paint keeps coming off on my hands :(