Monday, April 13, 2009

Green Chit Chat

Even though I have sworn off crafting forever! (basically because I am no good at it), I just had to alert you crafty-crafters to some fun things I've found on my Internet and magazine travels:

Knotions has a nice article on how to find sweaters suitable for repurposing at your local thrift store (not repurposing AT the thrift store - that might get you in trouble).

The articles references two sites I had not seen before and I am sure I will now waste countless hours looking them over: Thrifty Planet Resource Guide and The Thrift Shopper.

Also, did you know that Betz White has a new book out and about? It's called Sewing Green and it looks fantabulous. So go ahead, crafter! Let me live vicariously through you and craft up some green goodness!


Anonymous said...

And yet another thing we share... lack of craft talent. Cheers!

ames said...

That reminds me that I have a stack of sweaters set aside to felt and a few I'm only halfway through that I see that sweet little quilt I think I need to get some more for felting!

I tried to get Sewing Green from the library but they don't have a I'm just holding my breath that someone will pick it from my Amazon wish list for my birthday.

Susiej said...

Like, i need one more thing... i"m intrigued though... and the clothes line challenge is back!!!

Green Fundraising said...

Sounds Fun! I actually love crafting and I'm good at it - well, I think I am, but just don't have the time to dedicate to it anymore. I like Ames' comment...great hint for the b-day! Ha!

Ritesh said...
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