Monday, April 6, 2009

Clothesline Challenge - Just Hanging Around

I am thrilled that we already have several souls who are willing to get creatively crunchy in the quest for air drying goodness.

Kate from Ramble on Rose joins us with a traditional backyard clothesline, as does yours truly.

Dayna from speaking joins us for year number two and writes, "My line is between an old tall pine and a super shiny eye hook on my daughters swing set. I even got a middle of the line extending pole holder thing-a-ma-jig last summer." Hmmm...we may need a photo of that thing-a-ma-jig, Dayna.

Ames at Yay! Pie! is terrified of crunchy towels, but she has added two collapsible wooden drying racks to her arsenal.

Maxine is laaaahfing at all ower leeetle baaaaby steps, as she never really took a break from line drying after last year's challenge. Bonus, her blog Green Across Texas is now featuring a post on her homemade laundry detergent.

Another reader has been line drying away since last summer's challenge, putting me to absolute SHAME! And let me tell you something...she lives where it is cold, like, 10 months out of the year. TEN! Like, I think sometimes they only get daylight for a few hours. Do I have that right, Jen?

And welcome to our newest participant and for alerting us to Project Laundry List, just a bunch of people hanging around. Get it? Hanging around?

Remember, it is never too late to join the Clothesline Challenge 2009!


ames said...

I kept the drying racks up all winter, they were awesome in the winter for snow gear and sweaters! I was gearing up to start drying some things on the outside line and then it SNOWED again. Bah, crazy weather.

Ritesh said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

That's right! The Great White North - we have about 11 days of sunshine a year and I'm not wasting them on laundry. I have quite a set up in my basement, I'll try and take some pictures.

Also... still can't get your RSS feed! I thought you just went on a bloggy break 'er somethin'. I'll try it again...

Jess said...

I'll give it a try again this year - I had fun participating last year, and kept at line drying throughout the fall/winter using a line in my laundry room and a drying rack. I'll take the challenge of advanced this year.

Thanks for another clothesline challenge!

Maxine from Texas said...

Thanks for the link! you ROCK! And just so ya know, I'm not laughing; I probably wouldn't be nearly as dedicated if Shinerman wasn't. he's the one who brought the FROZEN clothes in so we could dry them by the fire and the one who usually goes out in the cold to put the wet clothes on the line. It's a team effort!

Maxine from Texas said...

PS: I'm curious - what happened with the deleted comments? You must be pretty popular if you've got trolls hijacking your site :) And I won't be offended if this one doesn't get published :)