Sunday, January 11, 2009

Inauguration and other Fevers

As some of you may be able to tell from my posts, I live very close to the District of Columbia. Very close. Very, very close. Work has been canceled for the 20th, the bridges out of Virginia and Maryland are getting ready to close, and Metro officials, I'm sure, are having a few sleepless nights. Think rush hour...times 20? What am I doing? Since school and work is closed, I will be watching the festivities from the Virginia side with Pip and Sprout. Not sure where yet, but it seems to me that it should be a rather festive occasion. Anyone want to come over?

I am reading a number of books all for work. Poor me. I've had to laugh over Frindle, sit engrossed over A View from Saturday, and I am currently suffering through (NOT!) my first Artemis Fowl. Poor me. :)

As for the nature side of things, I must confess that I have turned my family into a bunch of slug-a-bugs. Sidelined by minor, but couch and fever-ridden, illnesses and the weather have severely affected our time outdoors. Now that we're on the mend I think some heartier clothing might be just what the doctor ordered. You there. You, in the really cold climate, how do you bundle up your little ones and what do you do outdoors in the cold?


Carrie said...

I love children's books. I might trade a sick day on a couch for an appreciative, small child to read to. Hard to say though.

ames said...

I hear they are even sending people to Pennsylvania hotels because DC is going to be so incredibly nutso.

I've only heard about Frindle because a small film company in my hometown was supposed to be making a movie of it, but I think that never happened. Is it good?

joanie said...

So nice to have you back, I'm going to check out Frindle for my boy :) And I wish I could be there to celebrate!

Kelly said...

Have not been online much lately. Was glad to see your post. We too are sick slugabeds. It is beyond frigid here. But normally discounted Kohl's snowsuits keep my kids toasty enough to play outside whether there is snow or not.
My bro in Georgetown sublet his apt for a few days next week to someone for a few thousand. When asked where he would be staying, he said who cares at that price he would crash anywhere. The kids and I will watch from our living room with some fake champagne and "fancy" finger foods! Cheers from us to your celebrations wherever they occur!