Monday, January 19, 2009

Pre-Inauguration Celebration

I stepped outside today with Pip and Sprout bringing breakfast to their teachers (parent-teacher conference day - is that too obvious?). Now they are watching some Scooby-Doo while I get ready for the day: booster seats (they're getting so big!), new pants (they're getting so big!), and zipping around the wonderful little towns that surround us.

Green Husband is going to their school conferences. He's a little excited, seeing as they are his very first. He is such a dear darling - such a great father and caring husband - he catered to my every culinary whim this weekend: loaded nachos, baked potato bar and BLTs for lunch - comfort food in the cold.

February 7th we will be hosting the Code family (that's code, by the way) for a all out
Valentine's Day craft-a-rama. I am so excited to hit the craft store to buy everything they have in red and pink; I am truly a sucker for that holiday, truly.

Yours Truly,



joanie said...

Love your new header picture. Don't forget the paper doilies and the little hearts with messages on them for the valentine crafting :) It's been too long, what are they called? Don't have them over here.

Elisabeth said...

Where is the baked potato bar? I think I need to meet you there!!!