Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Wednesday Wars and Other Musings

Today, in between the raindrops and my children building precarious bridges between pieces of furniture, I finished my new favorite book, "The Wednesday Wars" by Gary Schmidt. What a beautiful, lyrical work of fiction that certainly cannot be pigeon-holed as "children's literature".

Speaking of books, I braved the Book Festival with Sprout and Pip today. The rain kept up (so it didn't come down) but was replaced by some rather muggy weather for which we were completely overdressed. For my two the Festival was more of an exercise in waiting in long lines to have a picture taken with a PBS character that they were rather frightened of, so a better time was had by all in the cool, darkened dinosaur wing of the Natural History Museum.


Dubai Gift Experiences said...

congrats on the new favorite book! i always love finding a new favorite book! aw im sorry you guys experienced muggy weather! overdressing for muggy weather is a nightmare.


susiej said...

Love your knew digs!