Monday, September 22, 2008

New Season, New Blog?

Hello my friends! The bloggy bug fell by the wayside as I adjusted to my new job and many changes - all good, fortunately, but changes nonetheless.

I'm excited to be back and excited to announce that Dayna from " speaking" has won herself a copy of "Hey Stinkbug!" and "Winter Trees". Uh, don't hold your breath, Dayna. It took me a month to announce the winner but I promise it won't take me a month to get these beautiful books to you.

Happy Fall, everyone. My favorite season. Look for a few simple changes here and there.


Robin said...

Glad you're back! Happy Fall!

ames said...

Welcome back! I know all too well about the bloggy thing falling off the radar ;)

Love the new blue theme!

Jenny said...

Like the new look. Happy fall!

Elisabeth said...

The blue seems easier on my aging eyes. Please fill us in on everything that has been happening in your world since your last post.

Anonymous said...

What are those bolt-like things on Melissa's blog?

Dayna said...

Hi and welcome back! I was excited to see your site pop up in my feed reader. Hope all is well!

AND WOW - how exciting to be a winner!! THANKS...and no pressure I am super patient...and this blogging thing is supposed to be fun and guilt free :)

Have a great week!