Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Achoo From Here

The Wanna-Greenies are a bunch of sickos. No really...we're sick. Nothing major, thank goodness, but just various strains of coughing, sneezing, running of the noses, and just plain grossness. And those are just the people. You should see the house.

I am beginning to think about Christmas (yes, I said it). Besides an Etsy-fest I am hoping to purchase a toy kitchen for Sprout. I have delayed this purchase for some time wondering if her interest in toy kitchens was a passing fad, but it seems to be a perennial favorite. I am looking to go natural and am considering Magic Cabin's mini-kitchen or Guidecraft's non-deluxe model...any thoughts?


joanie said...

We're right there with you suffering with yuckiness. On the kitchen front, I highly recommend them - great for role play. My children got a lot of mileage out of ours and it was very popular when they had friends around to play

Elisabeth said...

No, but I do have a NIB Berchet Caterpillar tool/work bench from Sensational Beginnings that your little guy might like. Let me know if you want it :)

Anonymous said...

Ohh! Gift of Green with a new post on my RSS Feeds!!

Well, being sick stinks. Sorry to hear... hope it passes soon.

I don't have any thoughts on the kitchen. I went with the "my friend moved out of state and gave me her old one" model. It worked out great.