Thursday, November 15, 2007

Oh You Lucky Green North Carolinians...

Green Boss recently forwarded a little tidbit to me and I guess you could say I'm a slightly green with envy.

Who has been to this fabulous place and was it everything you had ever dreamed, and more?

The Scrap Exchange
Celebrating 16 years of Creative Reuse
548 Foster Street, Durham, NC 27701
phone 919-688-6960 fax 919-688-2792

I remember going the Boston Children's Museum which has a similar set up; it was every little sculpture artist's dream. Incidentally, the Boston Children's Museum is now going for its LEED certification by incorporating the following elements into its new addition:

• Green roofs on the new addition
• Storm water reclamation to reduce run-off into Fort Point Channel
• New infrastructure and fixtures to increase building efficiency
• Recycled, local, and low-emitting building materials


Mary Beth said...

Ooh, cool. Neat idea.

susiej said...

My hair guy (I hate the word dresser) is collecting batteries -- very green. Does he ever think about all of those non-green chemicals he disposes of down the drain. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

yes, it is as amazing as you imagine. i love that they host birthday parties, where you create at the party and your "goody bag" is stuff that you pick out to take home (rather than another tiny jar ob play-doh).
the scrap exchange visits schools and participates in a number of community based activities, such as fourth of july celebrations.

Gift of Green said...

SusieJ - Maybe he's trying to offset his chemical footprint? :)

Kik - Oh why oh why did you tell me they do birthday parties too! Fabulous!! Thanks for the on-the-spot report!

Jen@BigBinder said...

That is SO cool... we have a place like that in GR but it's really kinda nasty, disorganized, and intermittently closes without warning so you never know when you can go. I wish we had a more consistent place for this kind of thing!