Sunday, November 11, 2007

Bloggy Giveaway Winners!

We have a winner(s)!! Congratulations to Ames from yay pie! and hooray for bananas for scoring a copy of Autumn and to Smiling Mama for getting her bloggy paws on a copy of Winter. Oh, you lucky ladies - I envy you! Oh wait, I already have these books! Yay! Thanks for entering everyone and I hope to have another bloggy giveaway very soon.

I managed to burn the midnight oil last night and thanks again to Kellie's excellent tutorial, I finished up Sprout's tulle ballet skirt.
I was very happy with it, if I don't say so myself, and Sprout wanted to wear it to daycare which I took to be the ultimate in compliments.

Deb from I'm Organic emailed me to let me know about her site and to mention that she has some giveaways (one a week) for those of you who sign up for their newsletter. Lots of cute stuff, Deb, and there's even an organiblog! Thanks for sharing!

For all you non-vegetarians out there...what are you doing about your Thanksgiving turkey? Organic or Butterball?


Mary Beth said...

Probably Butterball. I doubt an organic turkey is in our price range this year, although I haven't actually priced them yet. How about you?

Gift of Green said...

We are going for an organic turkey this year - the price was 3.39 per pound - one dollar more than the "natural" turkey. We only need a 12 pounder and we go splitsies with my SIL. What's the cost of turkeys in your neck of the woods?

lamarguerite said...

Thanks for inspiring me. I agree with you, giving our families the gift of green is probably the greatest at this point. Not always easy, however. What people need is not always what they want, especially teenagers, who have not been raised with a green mindset. I am a late comer to the green landscape, you see, and now I am having to undo years of consume as you please training.

Great material for my green blog, but I wish I had less to write about!

Green Girl Wannabe
'It's All About Green Psychology'

ames said...

I'm thrilled to win the giveaway, thank you for giving me the opportunity to win such a beautiful prize!

This will be my first year making a turkey (gasp!). The cahs is tight so organic might not be an option, but then again I'm not crazy about what them non-organic turkeys are eating...

Kellie said...

Great job on the skirt! It is beautiful!

NANA said...

beautiful, lovely tulle ballet skirt:) I wish i could wear one! I might order one for a little person i know!

Jody said...

I love the skirt! So pretty.

Cassidy Jayne said...

That skirt is great, just watch... she'll be wearing it every day now.