Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Eco-Friendly Crafts

Do you believe that sometimes the stars just align? Look at this post over at Sew, Mama, Sew. It includes links to two eco-friendly products: a rag rug tutorial from Vintage Chica (you crochet it from scraps of fabric!) and then this clever draft dodger dog (or snake) tutorial from Crafty Crafty. Helps ya keep yer cold air out and your warm air in - very smart.

Did you remember I'm having a bloggy book giveaway until this Sunday?

And oh gosh, the November 2007 issue of Working Mother is green, it's green, it's green...as green as a fresh green bean (did you know that every episode of The Backyardigans focuses on a different style of music?).

And one more thing...I had forgotten about another Massachusetts word that gets a "Huh?" in Virginia: rotary. You know...that thing were you have to merge to cars that are already in the rotary? Anyone?


ames said...

is that like a roundabout or a circle? I saw them in europe and thought they were a genius bit of urban development

monsieur l'enfant said...

Go ahead and make it a New England phenom but I do believe the architects of the District designed the city with traffic circles (aka rotary) to confuse invading troops. Most common among them: Dupont Circle, Logan Circle, Tenley Circle, Chevy Chase Circle, Thomas Circle, Columbus Circle, Westmoreland Circle, and so on.

Gift of Green said...

Yes, Ames, that's it a roundabout. The most fearful one,as I recall, is the one right before the Bourne Bridge on the way to the Cape.

Monsieur L'Enfant - oh, I'm not saying rotaries are a NE phenom, I'm just saying that I have never heard the term "rotary" used anywhere but there to describe them.