Monday, July 2, 2007

The Not So Green-Related Perfect Post

When I first starting cruising the Internets, trying to find my way in the blogging world, I happened to stumble upon a mom who writes. Don't know what made me stop at Mom Writes seeing as there are so many other moms out there doing the exact same thing - but I believe it was because, as I once told her, her blog seemed sunny and bright. I will confess that I read every single one of her archived posts. Yes, Mary, I was the one that totally messed up your stats for approximately two weeks. Mary was the first blogger who replied to a personal email of mine and she even wrote a post just for me (I like to tell myself that anyway) about how to manage Tots on Trips.

I've never nominated anyone for a perfect post, the brainchild of Suburban Turmoil and MommaK, but I thought it would be perfect to nominate one of Mary's for the month of June. I know she has been having her ups and downs over the past few months which is why I nominate "When the worst that can happen is nothing at all" It's not really a green post, but sure, healthy living both physically and mentally is very green. So there.

Keep on writing, Mary! You are still bright and sunny.


SusieJ said...

Very nice. touching. Very green indeed.

Mary Tsao said...

Thank you! I'm all verklempt over here. You are so nice.

I'm never sure if documenting my struggles is the best thing to do, but feedback like yours assures me that it is.