Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Dora Goes Green

Next month is Sprout's birthday and I am as much a slave to "themed" birthday parties as the rest of us...actually...scratch that. I LOVE THEMED BIRTHDAY PARTIES! There. I said it.

As much as I would just like to call her birthday "green" and call it a day, the girl is in l-o-v-e with that cute little explorer Dora. Remember the Backpack who we found at the yard sale for $1.00? It has now become her handbag. Did I mention it talks? If you do not have a child who is a member of the pre-school set, this post may read like "Blah, blah, blah, blah, green, blah, blah blah, blah blah." I apologize in advance.

But I digress.

So, I have decided that Sprout's birthday theme this year will be Dora Goes Green. Although, have you noticed...Dora is already very green?

1) She almost always walks everywhere.

2) When she and Boots do not walk, they either carpool (Tico's car) or take the train (Azul).

3) Her cousin Diego works at his parent's animal rescue center and Dora has helped him rescue baby bears and baby jaguars on several occasions.

4) Her Map recycles himself.

5) Dora fixed Backpack with duct tape (aka sticky tape) when his strap broke, thereby eliminating the need to purchase a new one.

6) Dora rarely, if ever, wears a different outfit. I can only imagine how eco-friendly this is. And Boots only wears boots! Now THAT'S saving on water and laundry detergent!

7) Dora seems to get A LOT of exercise and rarely eats. Not sure if that is entirely healthy, but I am sure she has great HDL levels.

8) Dora is bi-lingual.

9) Dora hair is a nice low-maintenance bob. I'm sure this saves time in the bath and on shampoo consumption (okay, these are getting weak, I realize that).

10) As far as I can tell, Dora does not use plastic grocery bags.

Okay, okay, things got REALLY lame at the end there - but in any case, I'm on my way to plan Sprout's Dora Goes Green birthday party!! Can you help us plan a Dora Goes Green birthday party? GREAT! Thanks for helping! Gracias!


johndira said...

I have tears of laughter!! Love the eco-friendly bob haircut observation. Although, I thought she was in l-o-v-e with my first born son.

Tiffany said...

That is priceless! I love it!

If you could find any old maps that are outdated you could recycle them into invitations. You could also do digital invitations with pictures of Dora and then just email to whomever you can.

I would love to see pictures!

Renee said...

I hear you about the party thing. I'm having a party this weekend, as my mom is in town, and wanted to have a party. Well, it's ballooned to 60 people, and all my hopes about keeping it really green seem to be flying out the window. I was going to use all durable goods, but of course I don't have 60 plates or forks. The amount we're spending on food and drink makes me reluctant to rent. So I guess we'll use paper plates made from post-consumer recycled fiber? Sheesh. It's hard to host a part and be an EnviroMom.

Gift of Green said...

Tiffany - love your old map idea...stay tuned. We've got something related and FUN in the works! :)

Stretch Mark Mama said...

LOL, same outfit and no plastic grocery bags. That's just great.