Monday, June 11, 2007

Top Ten Signs that You Have a Ways to Go in the Going Green Department


...And the number one sign that you have a ways to go in the Going Green department:

You have conversations with your children that go like this...

Me: "And tomorrow we're going to go to a FARM!"

Pip (3 yo): "A farm?"

Me: "Yes, a farm!"

Pip: "We see cows there?"

Me: "Yes, cows at the farm!"

Sprout (2 yo): "Cows?"

Me: "Yes, cows and horses."

Pip: "Horses too?"

Me: "Yes, and horses."

Sprout: "Horsies?"

Me: "Yup, we'll see horsies at the farm!"

Pip: "Dill be chickens there?"

Me: "Yes! Lots of chickens!"

Sprout: "'N chickin' nuggets?"


Me: "Well, yes, in a way I suppose we will see chicken nuggets.


SusieJ said...

OMG -- that reminds me of my little boy when I told him we were going on a hay ride. He said, "What kind of animal is a hay?"
You've been tagged.

Gift of Green said...

LOVE it! Our kids are so smart! ;)

Now...let me hop on over to your site to check out this tag business...