Saturday, June 30, 2007

I Heart Green HP

Today, as I was printing copious amounts of pages out for my online class (who said computers would replace paper and yes, I am using paper from work that I scrounged out of the recycling bin - we are a workforce of one-side of the page printing), realized I was getting low on toner. I opened up my new boxes of HP tri-color and black cartridges, and LO!, look what came with them. Teeny, adorable envelopes (pre-paid postage, might I add) that let you send back your used cartridges to HP for recycling. They couldn't have made it easier. Thanks, HP!

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: None


Aliceinfo said...

OTOH, if you take your empty print cartridges to Office Depot, you get store credit to use toward new (!!) reams of paper.

Gift of Green said...

WHAT?! Okay - this is major. Thanks for the tip.