Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Links We Like: Going Green One Link at a Time

Time for a little bit of catching up.

No, SusieJ, I have not yet touched the Meme, but Memes take a lot of thought and when the heat index hits 100 I like nothing better than to just oogle over other people's fabulous green spaces. BTW, let me know when you're heading up there next summer so I can put in for vacation. ;)

I am one lucky gal (although I'd like to think that I won the SusieJ contest with a smidgen of skill - HA!) when it comes to the Blog Swag - look at the fabulous graphic on the newest tote bag coming my way! Thanks, Green LA Girl!

An article in the Post on children and the outdoors has rekindled my interest in Last Child in the Woods which has been on my "Books I'd Like to Be Reading" for far too long.

And from the "I'm entirely too overcommitted" I am taking an online class in an attempt to become certified as a teacher-librarian - it seems that Green just falls in my lap at every turn! Look at these great Green tools for kids! One is a website about cocoa, Fairtrade and chocolate - plus it's British so I'm snookered. Or knackered? Smitten? That's not necessarily a British word..smitten... The other is Oxfam's Cool Planet;this webiste is very UK-centric (Not That There's Anything Wrong With That) but just fine for us Statesiders. And hey, you never know when you might need a Green resource in Welsh.

Oh, and in case you think I'm taking myself entirely too seriously, New York magazine highlights the latest and greatest in Green products. Don't you love the Green Girl who needs her Diet Coke? Hey wait! They're making fun of me!

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SusieJ said...

You need to come up for a visit, and check out my garden. It's tiny -- there is much shade there -- but it's a start.
Love the tote. 100 degrees already!!