Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Television and Other "Issues"

Pip and Sprout are "into" television these past couple of days, and I have to admit that I have given in to their requests more frequently than normal.

Maybe because I know that in just a couple of weeks it will be back to our school daze routine:  no television during the week and bedtime right at 8:00.  But I still feel guilty about not "engaging" with them every minute of the weeks we have left.  Am I too selfish, too lazy, or what?  Why is it that I forget about all the things we *do* do together (our vacation to the farm, the beach, trips to the park, collecting the acorns now falling, exercising our hermit crabs, going to the pool, having playdates, trips to the craft store, reading books on the front stoop, checking out books at the library) and remember only my "failings"?  Sigh. 

Some days I feel like the kids when Pip says, "This is the best day ever."  Other times I feel a little less than a Good Mom when Sprout says, "If you died Mom, we'd still have Dad.  That would be okay because he's awesomer.  He throws us in the pool and jumps of the diving board with us."  Need I remind you, dear daughter, that I have been the ONLY mom at the pool who has gone off the diving board.  Hurumph.  And never mind that dead part.

Do you ever have these feelings - television-related or not?  


hausfrau in melbourne said...

See, no TV during the week?....I just couldn't cope. Love the box. Kids love the box, and in no way does it mean that we don't do fun stuff too. I had to stop reading a lot of those super inventive Mummy blogs because they left me feeling inadequate. No way are you too lazy!

Jen @ BigBinder said...

Well, my kids have had way too much TV this last part of summer too. I know because my husband told me. They are being naughty not because they're kinda bored and all of the trips have been taken and visitors have visited and they are ready to go back - but because I'm letting them watch too much TV.
I really don't feel guilty about it, and I don't think you should either. For everything there is a season. It's TV's short lived season in our house, and I'm going to enjoy it :)

joanie said...

Don't guilt over tv. We all have times when we need them to enjoy it, especially in times of severe weather or the end of a long summer vacation. I always think it's okay as long as long as it doesn't completely replace creative output or reading.
I get PLENTY of nasty comments from my kids too because I'm the one who's always here, daddy has little time so he's the hero when he's home. And the cleverer they are, the sharper their sting. That's okay, I know when they're older or maybe parents themselves they'll appreciate me more. It took me that long to appreciate my own mother, shame on me, but true. In their defense, mine are both good at saying thank you to me (without prompting) when they really appreciate something. So maybe I won't have to wait until they're parents themselves :)