Friday, August 20, 2010

Blasted Blarmy Heatwave!

Well, I don't even know if Blarmy is a word, but that's the one I'm using to describe this continuing heatwave.

It's a Code Orange day today, meaning dangerous heat and humidity.  According to my sources, it is this year's 54th day of 90+ degree temperatures, which is very unusual for these parts (kind of like, um, this year's blizzard!)

So what do you do on excessively hot days?  The movies?  The pool?  A museum or two? 

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hausfrau in melbourne said...

As you can imagine, we have a LOT of hot days down here (mind you it's freezing at the moment with words like "snow flurries" being bandied about). I like to moan on hot days. That is my thing. Also, I am rather partial to those revolting slushy drinks that make your brain freeze and your teeth ache.