Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cookie Crumbs

When I first picked up a copy of Cookie magazine, I thought it was pretty pretentious and my incredulity at the prices of some of the little tot togs made my jaw drop.  But soon I learned to love everything about the magazine - the layout, the articles, the photographs, the suggestions, the websites.  Of course we know that Cookie is now defunct, along with I console myself with perusing through the back issues.  I think it is time, however, to follow up on some of Cookie's suggestions from months past.  Cookie crumbs, if you will.  Stay tuned. 


joanie said...

Hello dear Amy, are you back? I'm wishing you a happy, happy spring :)

Mary Beth said...

I liked Cookie too and had mixed feelings about it as you did. Mostly I loved the inspiring photos and some of the cooking articles. There is nothing wrong with looking at beautiful pictures. Unfortunately I didn't save any back issues.