Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Yup. Still Reading.

I really do need to hurt my sister-in-law as she was the one who INSISTED I just take ONE more course to get this whole certification thing over with. She doesn't even read my blog!

Please don't get me wrong, however. It is a lot of reading but do you understand the JOY of HAVING to read? I mean I can't fail the class. And I can't waste tuition fees and...honey, can you put the kids to bed? I have to READ. Can you give the kids a bath (okay, Green Husband does that anyway)? I HAVE to read. Honey, can you get up off the couch and make me some coffee. I'm very busy over here. Reading.

So, two quick things -

Bumper Sticker of the Week: "Recycle Yourself - Be An Organ Donor"

and...I just had to steal this quote that's featured on a new blog I'm catching up on Walk Slowly, Live Wildly:

"Beware of activities that require new clothes"
~ Henry David Thoreau


mom go green said...

what is the certification for, gog?it must be nice to be able to spend time reading, while at the same time it is never as fun under pressure or deadline.

Elisabeth said...

I bet you can't wait to get your hands on a good, smutty pool-side reading book by Joanna Lindsay when your assigned reading is all over, huh?

joanie said...

Love that Thoreau, guess I'll give up those riding classes because I just don't see myself as a jodphur kind of gal - I do like the shiny, tall, black boots though :)

Jenny said...

That organ donor bummer sticker is a hoot!