Sunday, February 10, 2008

Plastic Bags Redux Redux

I have been receiving quite a number of comments on the plastic bag/ziploc posts and they have included a number of swell ideas for at least cutting down on the amount of Ziplocs (I'm expecting to hear from S. C Johnson at any moment about trademark infringement, so let's call them...zipper bags) being used on a daily basis. I thought I would highlight some of them as some great ideas often get hidden in the comment cellar.

First of all, let me just draw your attention to Not Quite Crunchy Parent because she had a post on precisely this topic so head on over if you haven't seen it before.

Elizabeth, one of my parenting and heck, all around idols (who probably doesn't know how much a brief comment she made on the concept of "choice" has changed my life) writes, "I freeze lots of things in the containers w/lids we get soup in from chinese take out. They are great and we use them for tons of things: food, craft supplies, snacks in the car, bug catching -- you name it!" If this also means I need to order more Chinese take out, I'm all for it.

Village Mama says, "DO give up those little monsters - we use the plastic packaging from cereal, keep all our bread plastic bags, and sometimes use parchment paper over and over." while Mom Go Green says that reusing can go a long way too. Baby steps, I've always said baby steps.

And finally, I have chosen Noel's comment as my quote of the week and possibly as my motto on my baggie free quest: "I understand the need for keeping moisture out, but sometimes I think life is a little more important than a soggy sandwich!"


ames said...

Great advice aggregation, thank you! It *is* tough to do without something that was so obviously invented to be so useful, but there are options. Now, how can we get them to start inventing things that are useful now and won't cause problems in the future? How can we get companies to espouse the cradle-to-cradle mindset? Tell that to S C Johnson if they come after you ;)

The Not Quite Crunchy Parent said...

LOL - may I humbly point you over to eco child's play for some other options for zipper free wrapping.

Many of you know this is Jennifer's site, now a group blog on which I am grateful to be writing.

village mama said...

Humbled by you quoting me. Really.

There are so many many more steps in our journey to not leaving a trace...there are so many others that inspire us, we still use toilet paper ;-)

Victoria said...

LOVE this! Reducing baggie-usage in our house was one of my 2008 resolutions.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, btw. Nice to meet you!