Monday, March 24, 2014

Getting Figgy With It

When I was three my parents took me to Italy to visit my grandfather.  The only memory I have from that time, and what might be my earliest memory, is taking a bite from a fig, fresh off the tree.

Today, that taste and the smell of fig leaves is my Madeleine.

About seven years ago or so I bought a TINY fig plant from our local public gardens.  It is now a towering thing and this past summer it produced many delicious fruits.

It's been a rough winter for my little fig tree!  I can't wait to see how it does this Spring!  Do you have anything you're waiting to see pop?

Fig Tree - March 23, 2014


Mary Beth said...

My favorite fruit in the yard is the Cara Cara Pink oranges, which are in season right now. My second favorite fruit that we grow is fejoas--aka "pineapple guavas". So, so good. Those come due in late fall. I love them so.

I grew up with fig trees all around. My main memory of them is climbing them and how itchy the leaves are!

joanie said...

Oh Amy, how nice to "hear" from you. I'm not around much these days but trying to get back to the blog.

Here in the UK asparagus season (which is just finishing) is what I look forward to most. In the way of fruit it's strawberry season which is now :)

Hope you're well.

Gift of Green said...

It's so nice to hear from two friends, albeit virtual ones - I can see that our blogs have become less of a priority as times { and social media options } have changed, but it's so nice to get these glimpses. Happy July to both of you!

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