Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Favorite Things - (And Where Has the Time Gone?)

When we last left this slacker blogger/pen pal/wife/mother, she had listed a number of her favorite things.  Due to an unintentional cliff hanger, she made her many loyal readers wait and wait and wait for favorites 26-50.

Favorite Things

26 :: Magazines, including the now defunct Cookie
27 ::  Blogs, including the now defunct Mom Writes
28 ::  Cynthia Rylant
29 ::  Seeing "tacky" things as beautiful again through the eyes of my children (Over the top Christmas lights being just one example).
30 ::  Finding the last quarter you need for a soda from the machine at the bottom of your bag.
31 ::  The children's new fiction shelf at the public library.
32 ::  NYC.  What is it about you?
33 ::  Lost Dog
34 ::  Bronx Beat
35 ::  Passover
36 ::  We are nearer to Spring than we were in September.
37 ::  The Sunday New York Times
38 ::  Outdoor pools
39 ::  Remembering Los Angeles
40 ::  Panera
41 ::  My unfinished book
42 ::  My father and I exchanging annotated "Nigerian money transfer" scam emails
43 ::  Otherwise, because one day I know it will be.
44 ::  Surprisingly...outdoor recess duty.
45 ::  Homemade egg and cheese McMuffins
46 ::  When my husband brings me a cup of cookies and cream ice cream without me even asking.
47 ::  My new (used) minivan
48 ::  Seeing Brett play with the Vikings
49 ::  Googling
50 ::  "Locking Yourself Out, Then Trying to Get Back In"

And you?

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Dmarie said...

looking outside at yet another gray sky, #36 really put a smile on my face. Thanks! and look forward to reading more!