Monday, June 21, 2010

On Summer Vacation

If your summer vacation starts in less than a week, like mine...congratulations!  But if you are a little anxious about all those unstructured hours, never fear.  Garrison Keillor has some very nice advice:

A vacation of 73 days sounds more like unemployment to me, but of course it will all pass swiftly and sweetly, Katherine, and what you want to avoid is that feeling of guilt at the end, that you were a slug and frittered away the time and didn't accomplish anything. So make a list of five reasonable goals for the 73 days, including a book you think you really ought to read (The Book of Job, Moby Dick, Obadiah, The Robe, a book about the Gobi desert, the biography of Oprah, whatever you like), a physical exercise goal (a daily walk of 30 minutes), a home-improvement goal (paint a room, clean the garage), a spiritual goal (a half-hour of pure silence every day), and a goal of pure pleasure (make a feast for people you love). That's enough for anybody. The summer will pass pleasantly, so long as you don't step in front of a bus, and when you're done, you'll feel good about yourself. Which, of course, you already do, but this plan will stave off self-mortification. Happy days.

Now these are the kinds of challenges I like.

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Mary Beth said...

Seriously? Garrison Keillor said that? So cool. He has it right for sure. It's a good reminder because my first two weeks of summer have not been as organized as I would like!